Amir Samji

LA is a rose; I am its petal

LA is a rose; I am its petal

LA is a rose; I am its petal
Its a fragrance; I am its particle
Its an icon of love; I'm its love symbol
Its a life line; showers on me pearls

Where you live; you are so use to it
Hammer of love; in your mind hurl
Love so much; becomes your dream girl
It's a source; gives piece of mind & pearl

When you landed; you were a stranger
Now; adore its beauty; it's your baby girl
This is the inborn instinct of nature; unfurl
You are more excited when you get your girl

Perfect weather; you live in; is the mother of pearl
Because of that you are always out with your girl
You enjoy; every moment of your life; in her curl
Prior go any further; let me contemplate of pearl

There is a vast Universe to explore; LA is a tiny beauty of pearl
When you think of any thing; open up links to find more pearls
Continue your exploration; will see unbelievable beauty of pearl
While searching; search for source; will find new beautiful pearls