Caroline Brown

Koonyum Sun and Nunli Moon

I think I'm a storyteller. I'm often conflicted as to which medium to use, but with certain things poetry cannot be beaten. I am also a sculptor, and a scriptwriter.My poetry is an evolving medium so I really appreciate all of your feedback. Like most, I am learning and trying to home the craft eveā€¦

Koonyum Sun sat on the sun
Beaming, blowing heatbeams all day.

Nunli Moon sang a harmony,
A tune against the mourning moon.

Koonyum Sun knew warmth
And shade.
Knew shade as dark and
Shade as death.
Knew moon as fat
As death and dying breath.

Nunli Moon knew warmth
And shade.
Knew wamth as burn and
Warmth as pain.
Knew sun as fat
As pain and Nunli's bane.

If Koonyum Sun and Nunli Moon
Had shared the empty space between...
Perhaps hot comets in peace of dark -
As bright eyes had never seen?