Iliyan and Nellya Yurukovy

Kacuxika Hokusai!

Iliyan Yurukov graduated from the university in Ashkhabad! Children's doctor (pediatrician)! Nellya Yurukova graduated from the university in Ashkhabad (History and Philosophy)! Collaboration in medicine and poetry!Creativity beginning Facebook! Hobbies photo, design, esoterics, music! Diviz Per as…

Kacuxika Hokusai!
Japanese engravings.
Oriental cherries eternal paradise.
Landscapes are so beautiful.
Villages eternal May.
Ukiye-e beginning.
Receptions and manners.
And refinement of lines.
And paints of star spheres.
Actors talents.
Poster harvest season.
Theater representation.
For the audience it is lovely.
Green pigments.
And yellow rose color.
Japan searches.
Press here etching.
And world swift-flowing.
In developments floats.
And old times past.
As an image that sings.
You imparted a lot of things.
After all to us always sensations.
The wonderful world gave.