Ke Andre Bell-Washington

K.B.W (A Tanka Compilation; The Final Encore)

(October 24th 2012 - March 8th 2013) The time frame in which I was a member on A website that consisted of poets, demonic trolls, and out-and-proud prejudice bigots. I have revealed all of the good, bad, ugly, and inner beautiful in equal doses in both myself and others. Because I did t…

This child of God
Made in his perfect image
Given a talent
To write and share poetry
He had a pen and paper

He wrote about love
About friends and family
People took notice
Loved what he represented
Others tried to destroy him

They slandered his name
Racist, homophobic slurs
He endured it all
Overcame adversity
Woke up to reality

Fighting for freedom
Every form of corruption
Is what he exposed
Humanity must be saved
Mental slavery must end!!!

Self-worth still intact
Demonic trolls are nothing
They will be ignored
From here on out starting now
His fans mean the world to him

They give him support
Some have become his good friends
Grateful he is now
Poetic community
Is what he asked and received's
Most controversial poet
Diamante king
Shall now transition elsewhere
Black rose... regrow from concrete...

Note: Just because this is the end for me at, doesn't mean that this is the last you will hear from me. I am writing my debut novel, a poetry novel officially titled; ''The Black Rose That Died... And Regrew From Concrete''. Many of my posts will be featured in the novel. The main reason why I became a member of this site is because I wanted to test my poems for reception from the public. Now I am more determined than ever to finish the book, release it, and share it with many people as humanly possible. Please my dear poets, let's start respecting one another and prove to the world that poetry is not dead... and most importantly, NEVER LET ANYONE SACRIFICE YOUR ARTISTIC INTEGRITY! IT'S NOT JUST WHAT YOU STAND FOR. IT'S WHAT YOU FALL FOR TOO.

Take care and Godspeed.

Ke Andre Bell-Washington

A Tanka is a Japenese form of short poetry similar to a haiku or a senryu in terms of construction (5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 syllables in the third line). A Tanka, however, has 2 extra lines (7 syllables in each of the 4th and 5th lines). A Tanka can be either about nature or humanity.