My name is Theresa, I love to write and read poetry. My favourite poet is Billy Collins. I am mainly inspired to write by everyday happenings or feelings, and I often write with some humour or sarcasm. My travel experiences have also influenced my writing, some of my favourite places to travel have…

His face appears hard from years of work
yet his eyes tell the story of a kind and caring soul.

An English born boy
grows up in South Africa
and spends his days sailing around the world.
Most would hesitate to place an identity on such a man,
yet anyone who’s been to Africa
knows that he is South African.

Something changes in your heart
when you live the life of an African.
Your face becomes more serious;
but your eyes become kinder, your smile grows wider.
And your loyalties lie in the red dirt and roots of the acacia trees.

He has a voice that haunts me long after he is gone.
A raspy South African accent when he speaks
but a young Bob Dylan when he sings.

He is full of contrasts and contradictions
and so I am drawn to him.
My mind says no
but my body and soul say yes.