Donald Vess

Just a Poem...

I am a Published Poet, Photographer & Writer. My Books can be found on Amazon under Donald D.Vess and you can find me on FaceBook

Poetry unwritten are thoughts in partnership with its heart,
always trying to write to those that have been torn apart.
Having compassion, understanding, sympathy & empathy,
as its own heart feels like it lives without serenity.
We all have a Poem in us to touch others,
and we all want peace among our sisters and brothers.
But we live in a world where satan is the prince,
this is the division that makes lifes dividing fence.
Life seems to be busy pointing out fault,
let me share how I was Holy Spirit taught.
Listen to what the people are saying,
and watch to who their dues theyre paying.
Understand that the hate in them comes from evil,
and that only through Jesus can we be civil.
Love the lost that walk blind,
and help them always to find...
That which seems to be so unreal,
is the hidden mystery that all should feel.
Jesus is not a religion,
and this is just a Poem...
written from the heart