Bill E Downing

Just A Face

have you ever been lost in a crowd
with faces, so many faces, so alone.
you see them laughing, whispering, talking
no eye contact, you are nothing to them.
wondering who will ever care about me.
sometimes a preacher tells you about Jesus
but what do I care about that.
He claims only Jesus knows the real me
that I mean the world to Him.
Fact is He died for me.
Now what's that all about?
If I just accept Jesus into my life as Lord and Saviour I can be free.
No more guilt...self worth...peace...friends.
Maybe I should do as the preacher says
so I can be more than a face in the crowd.
Won't cost me much, nothing to nobody now.
Or maybe it will cost me everything?
I could make a difference in your life
one less empty face in the crowd.
So...have you ever been lost in a crowd?