Chimi Churri


June at last it is!
For the hot sun is in the mood to tease
And the seas have wormed up at last
To the sound of hope showing us its stand
Cooling our heart with its soothing breeze.

The first half of this year's been so deceiving
To be helpless and forced into breading her ashes
In and out of a fleeing chest,
Painfully pumping its way through every minutes
Wondering if she, as well, is bleeding.

But hope is on the way!
It will come, sit, talk, have a drink, and play.
It will make you want to find your way.
Will bring you where bleeding or not is no longer important.
For hope is not to wash pain away
And is never here to stay.
It's come simply to make you dream of walking away.

What a priceless second half it is to be ...
And thank you June to hear my plea ...