Wallace Dean LaBenne


Professor, therapist, author and poet.

She was a luring courtesan in a fetching negligee.
Her gestures were suggestive as she enticed her prey.
The liquefaction of her moves captivated mighty kings.
Her cunning wiles were clever as she fluttered her wings.
A tatterdemalion peasant, chivalrous with handsome face,
Courageously stole her heart and charmed her with his grace.
As a bucolic plebeian he persuaded her to shift
from demimondaine to wife. Her needs he gave short shrift.
This lowly man soon married her yet unwilling to remit.
Perhaps God could pardon sin, but he could not acquit.
Their quarrels dissipated love. They both grew melancholy.
Past harlotry unabsolved, no more were they jolly.
Simple malaise and lassitude vanquished her bawdy chorus.
Unable to linger on death granted her divorce.
Jezebel, lady of the night, have you gone to paradise?
Your transgressions of the flesh forgiveness must suffice.

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