Jet Lag

My name is Theresa, I love to write and read poetry. My favourite poet is Billy Collins. I am mainly inspired to write by everyday happenings or feelings, and I often write with some humour or sarcasm. My travel experiences have also influenced my writing, some of my favourite places to travel have…

I’m not entirely sure who “they” are,
but “they” say it takes a whole day
for every single hour of difference.

So, if you leave the virtually Antarctic cold of west coast Canada,
and arrive in the desert wastelands of Abu Dhabi,
it should take 12 days to recover from this thing “they” call jet lag.

This all explains why I am sitting up in bed
writing poetry by flashlight.
Too lazy to get out of bed at 2 a.m. to turn on the light,
but too wide awake to stop cranking the flashlight,
put down my pen, and fall asleep.

I guess it makes sense that there are some side effects like these.
After all, I travelled into the future.
That has to have some affect on your body.
I’m now comfortably sitting in Friday night darkness,
while those I left behind fight afternoon yawning,
as their lunch digests and the afternoon wears on.

Ten more days of this and I should be fine.
Back to normal.
Or so “they” say.