Bobby Ferguson

It's You They're After

Samantha Summer or Alan Ostrow take it in turns to pimp all poetry on here, who's pimping you both cant a $50 bucks a night and $40 to your pimps who throw you about between them all then send you here, If it's that good what are you doing on this site, pimped by pimps, lol

Fifty monsters ate my friends
said they needed fed,
Why not go to burger king
now my friends are dead.

One of them then licked their lips
you'd go nice with fries,
Just come near me ogre face
I'll give your friends roast eyes.

Come with me if you're still hungry
I know the gal for you,
Crazy chic's called Dana moon
she may just eat you too.

Dina dosit owns a disco
she is quite a dolly,
All you need to get in there
is drink n loads a lolly.