Marisa MJ

It wasn't her

It wasn't her that broke your heart, In fact you have broken hers over and over.It wasn't her to get that tattoo to remind her of her struggles and what she has been through, We never knew who she really was. She sees beauty in everything keeps her heart on her sleeve. She said "It wasn't her" crying tears of shame getting involved was the losing part of the game. It wasn't her that made him feel right it was the other girls called strippers and drugs were white. It wasn't her that gave herself bruises being pushed around broken yet he finds her as one of his muses. It wasn't her that cried in the dark all alone and it wasn't her with no where to go. It wasn't her who covered his shame but It wasn't her that took his blame. She finds her self sad and alone in her heart she knows it is a new kind of life she must start. A smile of a baby boy a life promised pure luck and joy. I wasn't her just her thoughts of every sad thing in her life she wanted one day to become a wife. It wasn't her that had to let go because of the consequence of a bigger show. It wasn't her that wanted this life it wasn't her when she pulled the knife. I wasn't her saying this has to end It was her every time as she took him to his end.