Mick Reid

It seemed just like a normal morning

I like to write all sorts of themes in my poetry. i mainly use rhyming poetry, some from personal experiences and some from characters i develop in my mind. i can be very strong with emotional use in my poetry. some have little twists, real life situations, humor and of course love, sadness, ect.

it seemed just like normal morning when he woke up
 the birds outside were singing their usual tuneful melody
 he climbed out of his small bed to put on his old glasses
 then looked out the window and opened his eyes to see
 what he saw he could not believe, for the sky was green
 and on the blue grass there was a giant snail whistling
 dogs were flying while six legged birds buried tiny bones
 he stood there in awe with his mouth opened wondering
 a noise a bell rung from a hairy butterfly's square wings
 as it fluttered around the legs of a duck in a plaid suit
 the mail box was boxing with a three headed kangaroo
 who was wearing a dress and one polka dotted boot
 out in the street he saw the postman on a pogo stick
 putting parcels into the mouths of a pink and yellow cats
 a cow drove past in a toy bus with checkered windows
 carrying a group of army ants each holding baseball bats
 some fat bees squeaked as they rode upon a huge mouse
 saying hello to the trees as they played a game of cards
 it started to rain upwards as the purple sun spun around
 then seven marbles sat up and began to sing like bards
 suddenly there was an earthquake in the metal clouds
 and they cracked opened releasing lumps of cold lead
 the man had enough of was he saw outside the window
 and climbed dumbfounded back into his comfortable bed

 two minutes later his daughter came in to his bedroom
 ''looks like dad must of found his birthday present. i see''
 as she walk over towards the large window in the corner
 ''and he has been watching a music video clip on the t,v.''

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