Roberto Bulo


We say...

Monday begins after work, with a 6 pack,
Tuesday comes along, we feel good, so we mix that!
Wednesday, it's time to play, reasons to drink anyway!
Thursday creeps on the low, with a bottle of merlot!
We're so glad the week is over, but it's Friday, no one's sober!
And saturday and sunday, they feel just like monday!
It's a never ending week, we don't even get to sleep!
We tap the bottle, one, two,
Tip the bottle, three, pour,
On the rocks, on the floor,
Have another, just one more!
 I'm drinking with my people,
Tequila, lime, and sea salt,
so, would you like a cervecita?
 mi querida señorita?
Heineken or coronita, maybe have a margarita?
Hopefully, you get inspired,
Sex on the beach, I desire!
Long island ice tea, after three you'll get one free!
Why am I so thirsty!? Oh, this beer is so tasty!

 *Cheers to the world!!!*