Lena Smith Carter


Lena Smith Carter is an internationally traveled concert artist who has sung the poetry of the world in seven languages across America and around the world. She is a graduate of Central State University (OH) with a B. S. in Music Education, a graduate of Miami University (OH) with an M.Mus. in Perf…

Not unseasonable in its arrival,
Not untimely in this place,
Not unfortunate in appearance,
Not unguarded in the race.

Socrates and Shakespeare brought a language
Only experience can understand,
Flowing phrases, stories bounding
As if guided by a hand.

Bach and Handel raised a note,
To communicate and then,
It took Beethoven to complete the cycle
Almost on a whim!

Genius lacks the sensibility
To engage the common thought,
But connects us all so deeply,
Does not really lack for nought.

c. Poetic Universalisms I by Lena Smith Carter, 2006.

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