Riva Murphy


I am a living, breathing poem, a compilation of lyrics, and an enigma. I am dramatized, by traumas past and a life that is unequivocally mine.

Despair, it comes in waves and jolts,
like lightning on the sea...
Darling has me hypnotized,
by all in front of me.
So far, and so gone
Slips through my frigid hand
and unfor...tunately, I'm undone.
With passion slighted,
a little frightened,
and where's my hand to hold?
Darling has me in the walls...
kept me through Six-Hundred halls,
and now the time grows very,very old...
Sixty years have come and passed,
my time on earth to rest at last,
Darling had me in the cage...
but did I do enough these days?
did I gain his lasting praise?
Six seconds on the clock tonight,
and then I'll meet a man in white,
he'll smile and he'll kiss my pain,
I'm never coming back again...
Certainty and Chivalry,
A man true to his song,
but all of that is absolutely, positively, wrong...
Darling did pretend,
The darkness, it sets in...
Six hundred sixty six my friends... welcome, bitter end.

Written and copyright Kymlee Murphy 2009

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