Have you ever been tired as all hell
Where anyone looking could easily tell
Bags under eyes, constant fidgets and tweaks
Obvious no sleep in days if not weeks

The glories of insomnia
Beginnings of hysteria
Lying in bed but always awake
Mind always racing you cant concentrate

And nothing out there helps it seems
When it comes to helping you reach your dreams
You close your eyes but sleeps just out of reach
You try taking pills to tire and teach

Your mind to stop its constant thinking
Your speach to stop its stuttering
Your thoughts to stop their wandering
For it's unbelievably tiring

When you lie awake and squirm all night
Tired as you are with no end in sight
You lie there awake from dusk until dawn
Until every last bit of your sanitys gone

For your sleepless nights start causing you pain
And slowly but surely you go insane
You can no longer think, you lose control
Kill or be killed your an animal

Down to your instinct a primal rage
Like a starved tiger surrounded by prey
And thats when things begin to stir
For that's when the blackouts begin to occur

And thats when you begin to really get scared
For one minute your minds here and the next its elsewhere
And the pain gets so unbearably you no longer care
For the pains at a level your body cant bare

And that's when you find yourself lying in bed
The pain so intense you wish you were dead
Begging for sleep but it just doesn't come
For sleep isn't as easy for you as for some

And you get to the point you can't go any longer
Without sleep suicide becomes the answer
And you grab your gun, put it to your head
And you pull the trigger to find that instead

Of your brain exploding across the skies
You passed out from exhaustion as you open your eyes
To find your alive pain barely there
Finally at a level your body can bare

Though as good as it feels it won't last for long
So you psych up your mind and you make yourself strong
For though you feel good now, all good things must end
And a week from now without sleep it'll start over again

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