Wishu Sindhu

Inside Your Eyes

He lives the poetry that he cannot write. The others write the poetry that they dare not realise. ~Oscar Wilde

Inside your eyes
 I can see an ocean of sorrow
 Everyday hope dies
 Perpetual wait for a better tomorrow
 All that you ever need is love
 Your heart wants to feed on love
 Is love really the only thing you want?
 Why do voices in my head begin to chant?
 Every single time I look into your eyes
 Going a little deeper, ocean of tears dries
 I see a greedy fire burning fierce and bright
 Ready to burn everyone who enters inside
 Someone who is kind
 And does not mind
 Getting wet entering your ocean of sorrow
 Wanting to give you a better tomorrow
 Unaware of what you are hiding underneath
 Unaware of what you are going to bequeath
 How many have already burned?
 How many are waiting for their turn?
 I feel sorry for the ones who perished trying to be your sun
 Don't try it on me, I'm not naive enough to be the next one

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