My name is Theresa, I love to write and read poetry. My favourite poet is Billy Collins. I am mainly inspired to write by everyday happenings or feelings, and I often write with some humour or sarcasm. My travel experiences have also influenced my writing, some of my favourite places to travel haveā€¦

I know it is not polite or even right to say, but,
there is something very amusing about your instability.
I know that I should pity you, or perhaps even fear you;
instead I find interest and joy in your insane rambling.
If I do not take your insanity seriously,
perhaps it is not real.

If it is not real, it cannot affect me.
Or can it?
Can unreal insanity become real?
But really, I think your insanity is real.
I suppose then, my real question is:
Can real insanity that I pretend is not real,
affect the person that I am?
I think it can.
Listen to me.
I am insanely rambling.