Tanya Bryant


Who is the person to blame?
When you feel so scared, and think in vain.
Who should be at fault for your shame?
When the one who should love you is responsible for your pain.
A child looking at you so innocent and sweet,
How could you make that child go through so much?
You smile, and look at her with defeat,
You never even think of giving her a loving touch.
That child looks at you with pain in her eyes,
You don’t notice she is almost done,
She only looks at you with despise,
But yet you can still smile and have fun.
You can’t have a normal mind,
You do things so inhumanely ,
Unfortunately a person like you isn’t one of a kind,
But you have had less control here lately.
You can’t hide forever behind the tears of a clown,
You were never there for me I know that now,
You turned my world upside down,
But I made it out of there somehow.

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