Lena Smith Carter


Lena Smith Carter is an internationally traveled concert artist who has sung the poetry of the world in seven languages across America and around the world. She is a graduate of Central State University (OH) with a B. S. in Music Education, a graduate of Miami University (OH) with an M.Mus. in Perf…

It is April in the hearts of all
Who live upon this stretch,
Yet the inner words I hear
Firmly recollect and etch,

Memories lost and memories stuck
In the annals of my soul,
Only you can reach the depth of it,
April grows cold.

May attempts a weak appearance,
March’s winds are hanging round,
But the warmth of earth is calming,
Only rain creates a sound!

Thoughts and ideas are so fleeting,
Did your thoughts come as swift as mine,
You don’t come, yet I’ll remember,
I will solitarily pine!

c. Poetic Universalisms I by Lena Smith Carter, 2006.

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