Amir Samji

Individualism is the name of chaos

Individualism is the name of chaos

We become individualistic; is always in our imagination
Does not matter; he belong to which religion; or nation
Gave up the norms to exchange with undesirable fashion
Open up so much; if somebody ask; openly we mention

When see something exciting; horses of greed get triggered
You see him in his fantasy anything to him doesn't matter
Makes me think; why we do such thing; what's the matter
Discarded human norms; which were; for purpose greater

A couple of decade's back we were family oriented in nature
There were; unwritten defined ways of living in all matters
There were levels of respect for elders to run family matters
That's why homes are called ‘Nursery of University' on papers

Everything we messed up in the name of freedom; intentionally
What were not allowed ethically; now you can do/see it; openly
Prior doing something; have to weigh in common sense; humanly
Discarded religious values; adopted animals norms; intelligently

There is no system; call family; families are living individually
When individualism prevails; damage the system permanently
Individualistic societies lead to chaos in all sphere; ultimately
Individualism is the name of chaos; brings destruction; inadvertently