In the way

Have you ever felt,
You're always in the way?
And you regret waking up,
On such a beautiful day?

Actions speak louder than words,
I gusse it could be true.
But what do you have left,
When theres nothing else you can do?

They never tell you,
Strait to your face.
Your in the way,
And cause disgrace.

I sense this,
From my mother alot.
But she doesnt know,
In my heart is an empty slot.

Caused by distance,
And sometimes fear.
Not knowing I have her,
Draws a lonely tear.

She goes about her life,
With her boyfriend.
But I dont think she knows,
This smile is pretend.

I have been around,
For a few years alone.
And sometime soon,
I have to go out on my own.

I belive I'll be just fine,
For distance has taught me.
That I can go along,
At a high degree.

I wish there was a way,
To tell her how I feel.
And the old wounds,
Take time to heal.

Shes pushing me,
Farther away.
And the more she does,
This bond will decay.

Once Im gone,
Im not looking behind.
And I will make sure,
Im hard to find.

I just dont get it,
Why things are this way.
Was it something I did,
Or things I say?

They will talk,
When I am gone.
But I will be fine,
And I will see the dawn.

I will be happy,
And go away far.
But I will have someone,
Better than any star.

He'll be there beside me,
When no one else is.
And I can call myself,
Forever his.

Because heres a secret,
They dont know.
He is already here,
But it doesnt show.

For its against the law,
And breaks my heart.
One day though,
We wont have to part.

Im just going about the time,
Being in the way.
So sometime soon,
I will wake to a better day.