In the Shadows He Sits

Poetry is what makes me whole and keeps me sane all at the same time. You are born a poet, a storyteller, it is a part of what you are, a great gift from God. You can be taught to put words on paper, only those with a poet's Soul can make you feel those words deeply! I hope all of you feel me. :-)

I sit and watch as his mind moves
Knowing he is studying and wondering about my groove
I anticipate a beautiful and jazzy kind of mood yet
In the shadows he sits
Day after day the concentration in his mind lays
Day after day he watches as I walk away
Day after day his eyes beg me to stay yet
In the shadows he sits
Is he unable to contemplate this?
I look and imagine me devouring him with a kiss
Is he warm and sincere if so
I could fill his life with bliss yet
Once again as yesterday
In the shadows he sits
I am a woman full of courage, warmth and grace
I am a woman full of love nothing could ever take his place
As a lady I see he must see the lady in me
I sit in contemplation and amused merriment
Watching as he watches me with
His head slightly bent
Swinging my hips hoping today, he
Will finally take the hint
Again today as yesterday
In the shadows he sits