Ishmael Balfour

In my room

I started to read poems when I was 10 years old and was liking writing poems each day. Years later my mom was happy and glad I was writing small books and poems but sadly I lost her when I was only 15 years old and Remember's Day was the day she passed. Since then it has been two years and I wanted…

In my room I sit alone,

Thinking about you all day long,

How the days were fun,

Always made my day better,

Always told me to smarted up,

I never listened but I wish I did,

You won't be in heaven,

If I didn't give you stressed,

Now I'm sad and depressed,

Things ain't the same no more,

Barely even get some sleep,

I feel like I'm drowning in the deep,

Happy days are long gone,

I'm too tired to go on,

You always said,

" Life goes on but never ends"

I askes God why,

You had to go,

When I heared your voice,

Telling me you wanted to go back home...