Linda Parks Owens

In Memory of Kim Owens

He suddenly awoke with a letter lying next to him.
It said, "I hate it, but I've got to go...with love Kim".
As he read her last words, the tears filled his eyes.
When she said "I love you" he knew it was not lies.
He searched til he found her, then fell to the floor.
He knew by her stillness that she would move no more.
She left letters saying, "Life is better since I have you."
Remembering all the past heartbreak, he knew that this was true.
With a breaking heart his hopes and dreams now shattered:
He cried out to God,
"What do I have left now that mattered?"
God replied, "You still have me and when no one else cares,
I hear each and every one of your sincere pleas and prayers.
The answers I give you are not always the ones that you seek.
But I know what lies ahead,
 And I will supply your every need."