Stephanie Mishon Clark

In Love With Another

My name is Stephanie and I am 37 yrs. old & I have a loving boyfriend named Brandon. I have been writing ever since my freshman year in high school (1999). Most of these poems on here are ones that I wrote years ago. Writing is my second passion that I do when I need to pour out my feelings abo…

Baby I'm falling in love with another,
You don't know who he is,
I tried to hide my feelings but they're hard to cover,
Never thought it would come to this.
I know you may hate me,
I don't blame you,
I have more in common with him then you, you see,
It took me too long to figure it out and to get a clue.
You can have back everything you gave me,
The earrings, bracelet, and teddy bear,
I found someone who is a real sweetie,
I didn't mean to hurt you but life isn't fair.