Satya Pattnaik

Ii the time ii

II THE TIME II by satya pattnaik.
The time swept me away
Without giving chance
To whistle for my soul in addition
Turned dreams into tells
Art of my life remained without being drawn
I did not strive for gold
Not even for silver
Measured me in poor man's heart
To remain poor for ever
I woke up and
 Hunted always
To listen to the songs of
Nightingale in silence
But suddenly
My thoughts bloomed over thorns
 Moon washed in blood
Sun painted in dark, suddenly
My secret of life went off
The green foliage
Of my garden oppressed
The promised hours flung away
Without my tomorrow
Without a whistle for my soul
Time prized me away
 With a shadow and sunset
Still with patience I marched towards river
To have her songs of meadows
Hold the time with applause
 Balanced the altitude of my hopes
Without any submit and compromise
  Free the sun and moon for me.