Curtis Allison

if your not my blood

if you're not my blood;
you are my bones.
and your the only one'
i've ever known.
you showed me, how to be a man.
you don't know what,that means to me.
there so many secrets! that you told me.
that runs through me,
i know we've both made mistakes.
but we can never fail' from his grace.
but only me!
dad in my heart i see.
you was the one who molded me in this man.
for me to be.
that i could be proud!
dad i have no regret!
dad don't look back!
dad the one i turn to is you,
now body sees me as you do.
you're always there.
you taught me all i know.
i'm sorry for the time,
i made you sad or cry.
i just want you to know that .
i know we've both made mistakes.
but you could never fail in me.
in my heart ,you are the one,
who mold me in this man.
many times i laid awake,
trying to think of away to say.
but the world just don't seem to escape.
they get trapped at the start.
but the feeling won't fade away.
so here's it goes.
  i love you.
i don't need blood.
i don't need bones.
you are my home.
i know we've both mad mistakes.
but know i'm home.
daddy don't regret,
and daddy don't look back
were home.