Kumar Kamal

If You Be

If you be arti,I`ll be your aarti(religious
songs);we will pray and play all through
If you be river,I`ll be your water
If you be sky;I`ll be your sunshine
With stars and moonbeams we`ll paint the
Paradise with pleasure and delights
If you be flowers,I`ll be your butterflies
If you be rain,I`ll be rhythms
We`ll hold each other all soaked and wet
To keep warm and pleasant
If you be night,I`ll be your sweet sleep
I`ll be your bubbles,if you`ll be my
Champagne;If you be meadow,I`ll b ur shadow
If you be clouds,I`ll be your wings
I`ll be the sheindoor(the red,crimson,color
that the married Hindu girls wear)on the
parting of your long,long,black hair
If you be hearts,I`ll be your heartbeats
If you be RBC,I`ll be WBC

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