Amir Samji

If I get you!

I am dreaming of you to get you
Can neglect all other, but not you
Among thousands, can vote you!
In mirror of lovely heart spot you.

Even out of reach, want to get you
Hide in seven skies, can fetch you
No one can dare to stop to pet you
Will not listen to anyone except you

Know thousands but they're like not you
If you hold my hand, may god bless you!
Swear, no one is in my heart except you
Come on darling, as it is, I accept you

In twinkle of an eye just say, I love you
My heart, body, and mind, surrender you
Full of love I am, on my way to love you
Day and night I'm dreaming of, to get you

You are my love; on my lashes place you
From tiny window of my heart, I seek you
Once in dream, we both said, I love you!
Please dwell me in your dream, I beg you!