Ashley Marie

Identity unknown

I was broken and ashamed full of regret and full of pain. Destroyed by his own hands and held by his very lies. I was a possession and held no value in his evil eyes.

Poisoned mind, broken heart, bruised body and a defiled piece of art.

Living in a false reality refusing to see truth, allowing deception to poison my mind and corrupt my roots.

I fell into his trap, the trap that will end my life, allowing myself to believe that his love was truly unique and the only kind I deserved to receive.

Choosing a lie of unloving claims. Choosing to see evil in every good thing. Choosing to build walls and keep everyone out, evil was the only thing allowed thru and it would fill me with doubt.

Scarred and wounded beaten and bruised my name is unknown and these are my muse.

I'm haunted by my past and tortured by fear. I pray that God would reinvent me or make me dissappear.

I am broken, ashamed and full of regret and full of pain.
This has become my life and now became the blood that runs through my veins.

My name is broken. my identity is no longer mine, I am identified by my blames and poisoned by the lies that has taken over my mind.