Jenny Pham

I'm Sorry

I love poetry a lot so when I saw this site I knew I just had to register! Poetry brings a lot of emotions in its content and I find them amusing and wonderful in its unique way. :)

Those days when we were so close and daring,
 I want you to know I'm still lovingly caring.
When I began to fool and test you out,
I didn't know you'd be hurt, I was without doubt.

You don't need to listen to my selfish reasoning,
It's as though we're soup without the sweet seasoning.
So bitter and cold,
This is what you've become, so I'm told.

I need you to know the honest truth that I
Still and will always love you, I'm sorry for my lies.
I'm sorry for all the raging pain you'd been through,
If only I had some kind of clue.

Then perhaps I wouldn't destroy you as much,
Even now you shiver at my touch.
Forgive my bitterly, foolish days,
Let me stay by your side, darling, I'm so sorry.