Shatana Brown

I'm Not A Barbie

I'm not a Barbie
Get out of your fantasy,
This is the the real world
Nothing on me is plastic
Your standard of beauty is unrealistic

You can touch my hair,
it's 100% real, I've got nothing to hide,
mine's all natural, no weave, no dye

I'm perfectly fine with my breasts
Don't need silicon implants in my chest
to make guys pay attention to me
I'm intelligent, and have a good personality
I wear clothes I feel comfortable in
ones that are modest, yet fashionable
I'm not like the other girls
I have chaste, self-respect,
for that alone I'm already admirable

You expect me to be skinny, like Barbie
dolled up, fake blonde hair, like Nicki
wear makeup like Gaga,
But I'm perfectly fine the way I am,
I'm beautiful already, I don't need all that,
you need to get your head examined
I'm not changing for you
in the name of beauty
having fake nails and hair added artificially,
wearing a painted-on mask of makeup,
maiming my body with dangerous surgery,
that's not me
What you see is what you get
If you don't like it, move on
don't waste my time

I am not a Barbie
and I don't want to be
I am me