Mesut Selvi

I'm Looking for My Unique Sweetheart

I was born in Ankara, Turkey; i educated all of my primary, secondary, high schools and also 4 years English Departmanı of Gazi University in Ankara Türkiye/TURKEY. I worked as an English Teacher in different Level Government High Schools of different cities of TURKEY. Now adays, i and my family li…

My unique sweetheart, I'm looking for You everywhere
You're travelling in my mind, my heart, in my blood continuously
I fell in love with Your endless love and endless peculiarities
You're the most beautiful existence in my heart and dreams
With Your creativity and justice, You are the best, on the summit
Your beauty, Your friendship and goodness cover everything
Your gentleness and majesty are seen and sensed everywhere
Your tenderness covers every creature that is seen or not
You always give belongings to every dead or alive body or object
To show what You are able to do and show Your talents to me
You always give and share special abilities and miracles with me
I only watch Your attraction and Your endless dimensions
I can only be jealous of Your generosity and perfection
I feel myself close to Your spirit but I can't see or catch You
Our corrupted world only offers me dirty beauties, hearts, souls
But I want to reach You, hug You, kiss You
Live and be with You forever
These may only occur in the dreams, not in real life, I know
This is You
My unique, universal, real true love, who I fell in love with
This is You
My Lord and my God, to whom I always give thanks and pray
I've been looking for You with my open eyes
And senses in the universe