I Wont Drown in Shallow Water

I can't write about myself in third person, so let's make this an autobiography.I'm Rachel. I'm a nineteen year old college student. And, well, I'm pretty boring. I'm awkward, and I'm selfish. I'm both too serious and too whimsical. I'm hundreds of conflicts contained in a girl. I've only had one r…

My favorite color is gray
But I prefer things black or white
I wear contacts and glasses
But I like to think that I have a bit of insight

I’m the nerd in the corner
At a party with her face in a book
I’m the slow driver you pass
Without a second look

I’m the dork who slips
And falls in the hallway
I’m the hot chick
Who makes you forget what to say

I’m the lady at the store
Who stops to hold the door
I’m the head of hair
You sit behind and stare

I’m the stranger
Who gives you her change
I’m the youngster
who looks deranged

I’m the girl
With a face you can trust
I’m the hick
In a truck full of rust

You can't drown in preconceived notions
I’m just floating along
Swimming through everyone’s oceans

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