Taleshia G MCcray

I will never let you go

I love you so much
I can't let you go
I need you in my life
Please don't leave me by myseft.
I can't do thing right Lord
what worry with me.
You are my world and if I don't
have you in my life I with know
what to do.My love is to strong
and i want let you go.I can't help
myself at time.I'm crazy about you
and if I lose you God know what I
will do.I think about you all the time
I do belive me.I can't get you off my
mind.I love you with all my heart and
soul John.I be prayer for you too talk
to me on the phone I don't want you
to handup on me.Please talk to me.
I will lister to you.I give you my heart.

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