Jane Lomas

I will always be there

All poems included here are just first draft's. I hadn't written poetry for a few years, so to polish my art and find my muse I posted some quickly written poems on these pages so I could see your response. It has helped me by reading your reviews about my poems (all of which I have taken into cons…

I will help you to discover, what it's like to really live
To be happy, content and to give life all you can give
I will give you the strength to discover yourself in the process
Then you can find your very own beautiful princess

I will help you to write in the book of love
Breathe life back into those that may need a tug
To give a gift of love, after life has broken their trust
And to bring two people together who need it the most

I will help you paint life as if it were a beautiful canvas
Give you all of lifes colours to rejoice and to languish
A wonderful painting, a canvas that you can accomplish
Bringing bright colors, soft textures, and a gift of true love

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