Brandon Taylor

I used to

My name is Brandon, I am 21 years old. My wife introduced me to this website because I love poetry and song writing. They are my way to express myself for I am a paranoid schizophrenic. but these are my two passions and I look forward to reading your comments and reviews !

I used to be a dark person
 But now I see the light
 I always used to shut myself out
 But I never opened up
 I once cut my wrists
 But now I never want to see those scars
 If I could take it all back
 I would
 I never knew i'd find you
 But I might just keep you forever
 I can't believe how lucky i am
 But I can tell you i love you
 I won't ever hurt you
 But I might be over protective
 I used to not know what love is
 But now I found it with you