Taleshia G MCcray

I Thank God he sent you me!

I sorry for be gone so long john.
We have a bond too strong to break
we have a love no one can take.In
you,i have found a love is true
my heart is filled with love for you
Everytime i see you in my heart skips
a beat,you make my life whole you
make my life complete.I'm so sorry
for hurt you i don't like to hurt you i
love you to much.I don't want you to
let me go i will lose my mind? i know
it somethink worry so i have to fix it
right i don't want to lose you so
i will fix.I will be back have faith in
me. It time for me to come back i don't
like to see you hurt or talk like you did
in your poems.Thank god he sent you to me.

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