Lloyd Brad Dishion

I should have


 I should have done all this before

 Not after you walked out that door

 I should have been nicer to you,

 Now I am sad and blue

 I should have cherished everyday

 I never thought you’d go away

 I should have kissed you more tenderly

 Then you’d be here with me

 I should have paid more attention

 Instead of being so condescending

 I should have held you and not let go

 I hope someday that you will know

 I should have seen how blessed I was

 Instead of making such a mess of us

 I should have seen the tears you cried

 I wish god would just take these eyes

 I should have made you feel

 That my love was true and real

 Missing you each and every day

 These three words I shouldn’t have to say

 I know now all the things I should

 Everything that you deserve

 If had a second chance

 Or maybe one last dance

 I would never say I should,

 There is no way I ever could.

 I will love you tell the day I die, so sad to say goodbye

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