Jet Rood

I saw what happened

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen then you have somethingvery special. Nelson Mandela ************************************************************************I am from the land of tulips and mills. Writing is a…

Last time as I remember him
as a bundle full of joy
was the time there was room
for him to be himself

He was really funny and
had a heart of gold
sadly the psychiatric world
thought much less of him

They told him he was not normal
and that he really needed help
so he accepted their offer
and that was the beginning of the end

The caretakers couldn't accept him
as the beautiful person he was
they stuffed him full with medicine
he had no clue anymore who he was

One day he couldn't bear it anymore
the way he lived his life
he chose to step out of it
and jumped before a train

I had no face to say goodbye to
his coffin was closed, a picture on it
to protect us, family members
for the mess his body was

The last thing we saw was
the oven opening its mouth
the flames already luring
for his body to bring him home

In loving memory of my brother
Born ;18-3-1962
Died; 21-1-1989