Sherry Dawn Wereta

I Salute You

I thank you Donna, Carole, and Jennifer
For all the knowledge and courage.
To which you have on me bestowed.
When at first I came to you
I had some knowledge and little courage.
On me you bestowed above all of this
The gift of learning
The gift of patience
But most of all the gift of diplomacy.
For all of this, I salute you.
For Carole, I thank you for all your giggles
That sometimes were hard to stop
For the diplomacy that does the Indy 500 sometimes.
For Donna, I thank you for all the patience and understanding
The many stories and laughter.
For Jennifer, the patience to help me understand
Even though at times you were nervous around me.
For all of you from the bottom of my heart
I thank you, and I salute you.