Brian Spivey

I Remembered

I've been writing for nearly 40 years. It's been a good ride. Hope you enjoy. I have one series of poems that should be read together. "A Sad Fairy Tale", "Happily", "A New Fairy Tale Begins", and "The Result of True Love". As the Staler Brothers sang "Some I wrote for money, some I wrote for fun, …

I lay alone in my bed last night
Alone with my thoughts of you
I remembered brushing your warm brown hair
And your twinkling eyes of blue

I remembered your smile, how it lit up the room
Or at least lit a fire in my heart
I remembered how Christmas became like a game
And hiding your jewelry, an art

I remembered the music we made as a pair
The sweet songs of lovers in sync
I remembered the day the chain of our love
Was found to have a weak link

I remembered the good times as well as the bad
I remembered the pain that I caused
I remembered the day my pride forced me away
I remembered; then I paused

Could I take back words said in anger
Could I win back the heart that I broke
Would a love that was born in the depths of our youth
Be revived or just go up in smoke

I lay alone in my bed last night
Alone with my thoughts, then I knew
My life is an unfinished puzzle
The only piece missing is you

Copyright c2005 Brian E. Spivey