Shir Hanochi

I may never

"life isn't measured by the numbers of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away". With my poetry, I want to make more of those breathtaking moments, to put everything I feel into words and let everyone else enjoy it as well as learning from it.English is not my first language…

I may never be there to hold you tight
I may never be your guiding light
I may never be the one who teaches you what's right 
I may never be the girl you sleep with every night

I may never be what you expect me to
Everything I want to be is hiding inside of me
If only you could see
Only with you I want to spend eternity

I may never share my love with you
I may never show you how much I love you
I may never give you anything that feels so true
I may never be the only one for you

I would never be with you 
That's the honest truth 
Despite of that you'll always be my love
Even now that you are flying way up above

I may never be the one who dry up your tears
I may never be the one who fight with your fears
I may never be the one who with you spend years
I may never be the one who live in your dreams