drkgbalakrishnan kandangath

I know you love me

24-6-1944/DOB bsc, mbbs. fica Kandangath,Kattoor-680702-Thrissur India-680702

I know you love me-drkgb
  This moment
  Memorizing me;
  Thy kiss sweet;
  Thy smell
  Flavor and taste;
  My haunting
  Always anew;
  The swinging note;
  -Thy thirst.

  You sweetened;
  How many syllables;
  Still my tympanum;
  -Getting enthralled.

  You swayed;
  In your celestial hue;
  Me the infant;
  Diffused unto you;
  This moment;
  My dear,
  I know; you love me.

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