Brian Spivey

I Hope It Storms When I Die

I've been writing for nearly 40 years. It's been a good ride. Hope you enjoy. I have one series of poems that should be read together. "A Sad Fairy Tale", "Happily", "A New Fairy Tale Begins", and "The Result of True Love". As the Staler Brothers sang "Some I wrote for money, some I wrote for fun, …

Some people really hate rainstorms
 I think they're not right in the head
I always laugh at those sillies
Who run to hide under their bed

I love it when it storms hard
I can hear the rain hitting the tin
I runout on the porch to watch rain fall
I'd rather be out now, than in

I smile at the flash of the lightning
I cheer at the crack of the thunder
Like angels are taking my picture
Then knocking bowling pins asunder

I danc eout into the raindrops
I spin with my arms open wide
I laugh as I jump in the puddles
I make faces at people inside

I lift my arms to the heavens
The rain fogs my eyes made of glass
I slip in the mud the rain causes
I laugh and fal right on my......well you know

Some people reallyu hate rainstorms
I laugh as I watch them run by
I'll love storms till I'm 90
And I hope it storms when I die