Amir Samji

I have an appointment at 6 O'clock

I have an appointment at 6 O'clock

I have an appointment at 6 O'clock; there are still 60 seconds to go
There are 58 seconds left; she told me; please don't come; before
I am thinking; it took 2 seconds; still there are 56 seconds to go
I am in my thoughts; how to pass 56 seconds; prior that I can't go

I managed to pass 6 more seconds; still my blood pressure is low
Let me go into contemplation; and see how fast time can flow
It is very hard; still there are 45 seconds from my mind to flow
It is taking too long; I see still there are 40 seconds to go

Thinking; as to why she told not to come even one second before
Was she fooling me; to check my patience to see how it goes?
I think; she is not like that; won't do; such a thing to me in cold
Then let me think; is there any specific reason to taste my ego

20 seconds left; I am thinking what to do; time is standstill like rock
I think; I am getting closer; and closer; anxious to see her with glow
Would she be anxious like me or sitting quietly my reaction to know?
Now only 15 seconds left; I am almost ready; to see her in full glow

My heart is beating fast; I am sweating; now only 10 seconds to go
I am in love; and out of my love; to meet her; anyhow I have to go
Only 5 seconds left; it is like mountaineer's expedition; let me go
As I open the door to depart; I stumbled with her said; Oh my God