Lucian Tower

I have a loving hope

I began writing Lyrics, short stories, and poetry some 43-years-ago. When I was in high school, during the 60s, I met the great Robert Frost. He spoke to me about my real elementary attempts at writing and poetry. He took some time with me, after assembly hall and told me to not stop writing. Now, …

I remember being asked in school
what did I believe
I'd want to be when I grew up?
I've had several answers over the years,
but none save one,
have I ever received.

I answered first...
I wanted to drive a fire truck.
I did drive a dump truck, a trailer truck,
a backhoe, a front end loader,
a taxi cab, a bus, a tractor,
and my rusty, antique, Chevy pickup truck.

I answered next...
I wanted to be an entertainer.
Well I did play the piano, danced a lot,
played guitar and bass, and I was a singer
on stage with some famous ones,
money was good but that's all I got.

I answered next...
I wanted to be a U.S. Marine.
I did, I went around the world, I had time at sea,
fought the War in Vietnam; what my eyes did see.
Marched a lot, lost good friends, and was blamed.
After it all I came home again...a former Marine.

I answered next...
I wanted to be loved.
There was Jeanne, there was Alma,
there was Nancy, there was Claudette,
there was Janet, and there was Annette.
The LOVE of God found me: I am Blessed.

Now I'm getting old...I finally have the family,
the one that was missing as I grew up.
There is Luke, there is Anna, there is Hope,
there is Shelly, there is John, there is Marty,
there is Eric, there is Stephen, and so many
Grandchildren, in whom I have a loving hope.