Adriane Reynolds

I Don't Care

For years past I've been
Ridiculed and criticized
Dispised and ostricized
I say you're wasting
Your time hating
Cause I really don't care

Do you think I'm oblivious to
The sly glances and whispered
Words as I walk through the halls?
Hey I may wear glasses
But I can see and hear
I just don't care

Because no one knows the real me
The quiet shy sensitive me
The one who's compassionate and
Attentive to the needs of friends
The one whO'll walk on hot coals
For a loved one
No one knows the real me
But I don't care

Many people have gotten
A glimpse of the real me
And found themselves
Faced with a stranger
They shy away when they feel
I may be some one they could like,
Their loss, not mine
But I don't care